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Besorgter Brief aus Großbritannien!
24.09.2014 09:48:24 Uhr

Dear Freundeskreis,
I cannot put into German my horror and disgust at these pictures. Hausberger and Nowotny should be deeply ashamed. They are not, as Frau Gürtler claims, momentary snapshots. Even worse they are not flexions in halt, but extreme positions captured in movement.
It insults our intelligence to say riders would be punished for riding like this. Hausberger has after all been promoted, and put in charge at Heldenberg.

We were in Vienna at the beginning of September and I went both to Morgenarbeit and a performance. The performance gets shorter each time, and the horses lack their previous animation and spirit. Definitely not "happy athletes". One looked very poor and distinctly Cushingoid with fat pads around his tail.

The shop is full of expensive, poor quality rubbish, and even the stock of books is poor.

It will not be long before the crowds who queued to see the performances go elsewhere. One can see better circus shows and although competitive dressage is not without its faults, it now provides standards as good if not better.

All this is a tragedy for the school. Where is the mystique and the magic, and how could they let the standard slip to such abysmal depths?

I am not sure I want to see them again. Better to remember the good times. All that Sabine Schenke says in her letter is true but the management doesn't listen.

I hope you will continue the campaign and I will continue to support you. I hope above all that the School can be rescued.

Kindest regards,
Cathrine Hughes Hallett